There are almost 1000 shops, cafés and restaurants in Malmö city!
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Are you ready for a challenge? Imagine entering a video game with 9 missions. In each step you and your team will work together to solve the mission in the best way possible. The dreamteam has four to six members. You have five minutes for each mission, so a quick mind and an effective strategy is required. After finishing all 9 missions the team will recieve a final team score. This score is unique for your team, which makes it possible to come back the week after and try your luck with new friends or colleagues. GAME ON! Website Facebook Instagram


When visiting Sherlocked you are taking on a role in the worlds strangest show. Welcome to an escape room in the center of Malmö. You and your friends will be locked in –  and hopefully you will manage to get out… Visit the website for more information. One room. One hour. One mission. Can you get out?! Facebook Instagram Twitter

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Do you want to know more about Malmö Live? The complex is open for the public, but if you want to know some fun facts about the newest building in town we recommend taking a tour! Malmö Live is a house of music, meetings and great eating experiences. Malmös new concert hall is located here, it has world class acoustics and room for an audiance of 1600 people. There is also a congress centre with a capacity of 1500 people. The congress centre is perfectly located in the middle of Malmö City, and still it has the best and quickest connections to two airports (Sturup and Kastrup) and the central trainstation. If you would like to stay here the Clarion hotel has 444 rooms and a great view! The Swedish celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson has developed the concept for the two restaurants in the hotel: Eatery Social Taqueria (by the

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