There are almost 1000 shops, cafés and restaurants in Malmö city!
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Welcome to Malmö City!

Malmö city is a vibrant marketplace full of exciting shops, tasty restaurants and cozy coffeeplaces! Tourist information can be found at a number of “infopoints”, find them here.  There are about 646 shops and 215 cafés and restaurants in Malmö City. Some of them are located along the highstreet and some inside our three citymalls: Hansa, Kv. Caroli and Triangeln. Don´t forget to take stroll along the smaller streets parallell to the highstreet, you will find some of the most lovely and unique shops and cafés there! We recommend a visit to “Davidshallstorg“, a litte square located on the east side of the main street “Södra Förstadsgatan”, here you will find an eclectic style, fair fashion and cusstomemade jewellery amongst other things. There are also some really great restaurants in this area. If you are interested in design and interior decoration you should visit “Engelbrektsgatan” in the old part of


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When visiting Sherlocked you are taking on a role in the worlds strangest show. Welcome to an escape room in the center of Malmö. You and your friends will be locked in –  and hopefully you will manage to get out… Visit the website for more information. One room. One hour. One mission. Can you get out?! Facebook Instagram Twitter