There are almost 1000 shops, cafés and restaurants in Malmö city!
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Welcome to Malmö City!

Malmö city is a vibrant marketplace full of exciting shops, tasty restaurants and cozy coffeeplaces! Tourist information can be found at a number of “infopoints”, find them here.  There are about 646 shops and 215 cafés and restaurants in Malmö City. Some of them are located along the highstreet and some inside our three citymalls: Hansa, Kv. Caroli and Triangeln. Don´t forget to take stroll along the smaller streets parallell to the highstreet, you will find some of the most lovely and unique shops and cafés there! We recommend a visit to “Davidshallstorg“, a litte square located on the east side of the main street “Södra Förstadsgatan”, here you will find an eclectic style, fair fashion and cusstomemade jewellery amongst other things. There are also some really great restaurants in this area. If you are interested in design and interior decoration you should visit “Engelbrektsgatan” in the old part of

Malmö by bike

With Malmös rental bikes it’s easy to get around Malmö, all year, around the clock. You have the option of buying a ticket for one or three days, or an annual ticket. Do what the residents of Malmö do – cycle! It’s a fantastic way of experiencing Malmö. You can either order a bike card (takes 3 days to arrive) or charge your jojo card (bus card) with a bike subscription. You can buy a Jojo card at the “Skånetrafiken” shop at the central station. This is a good option since you can load the same card with credit so that you can also ride the bus and the train. It is not possible to take the city bus (a green bus) in Malmö and pay in cash, you need a jojo card. 72 hour rental When you rent a bike for three days (72 hours), you can choose whether you want to

Tourist information

In Malmö you can find tourist information at many different places called “Infopoints”. At theese places you will find maps, informationfolders and people to answer your questions. here is a list of places in and outside of the city centre: In the city centre: • Travelshop, Carlsgatan 4A  • Triangelns köpcentrum, Södra Förstadsgatan 41 • Pressbyrån, Södergatan 11 • Fintoan på Gustav Adolfs Torg, Gustav Adolfs Torg • Malmö Konsthall, S:t Johannesgatan 7 • Moderna Museet Malmö, Ola Billgrens plats 2-4 Outside the city centre: • Emporia shoppingcenter, Hyllie Boulevard 19 • Katrinetorp landeri, Katrinetorps allé 1 • First Camp Malmö, Strandgatan 101 • Limhamns Småbåtshamn, Vågbrytarevägen • Dockan Marina Malmö Cityhamn, Dockplatsen 1 • Malmö Airport, Visitors Center, Malmö – Sturup • Malmö Chokladfabrik, Möllevångsgatan 36B • Andelshamnen Lagunen, Vaktgatan 9, Limhamn You can recognize an infopoint by the green and white “I-sign” More information. 

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