Yi Fang Tea, Södergatan

Södergatan 15b, Malmö

Our family has been planting pineapples for three generations, working long days to make a living. Yi-Fang, my grandmother, married a young farmer in Taiwan. One day, Grandma Yi-Fang turned the overripe pineapples into a wonderful homemade jam. She invented the secret recipe behind our famous drink, the YiFang Fruit Tea, by adding this preserved pineapple jam to the tea she often served her husband. We named the company, and our most sought-after drink, in her honor.​With every sip, we strive to bing you the warmth and nostalgia of early-Taiwanese hospitality. We infuse each cup of tea with seasonal fruits and local ingredients, never using concentrated juice or artificial flavours. This way, we capture the same taste and experience that YiFang created all those years ago.一芳是我的曾祖母,嫁給了一個務農的少年。家中三代都以種植鳳梨維生,終日都在鳳梨田裡彎腰耕作。家中過熟的鳳梨經由她的巧思,熬煮成可保存的祕方水果醬。一芳的招牌水果茶,傳承了曾祖母的小名與秘方;讓早期台灣的縮影、歷史回憶、鄉土人情都濃縮在一杯中。採用當令盛產水果,絕不添加任何濃縮調味,滿口都是茶葉的清香及水果的鮮甜;以行動支持在地MIT的認同,讓古早味的美好經典再現。