Here are some of Malmös veggier choices...

Vegan, Vegetarian & Raw food!

9 July 2019

Here are just a few of Malmös amazing vegetarian restaurants!

In The Pink
Simple ingredients, Raw food, vegan, vegetarian, LCHF and Paleo. This stuff tastes as good as it makes you feel!

Swedish celebrity chef Tareq Taylors cozy restaurant.

Holy greens
Amazing salads with exciting ingredients! Locally produced, ecological produce. Healthy and tasty!

Rawfood house
The food is prepared with creativity and great care for the ingredients. There is no dairy, gluten, refined sugar or animal protein.

An ecological and vegetarian restaurant known for their tasty food, especially their vegetarian burgers. Don’t miss the ginger beer!

This is an asian vegetarian restaurant with a great buffé.

Bon appétit!