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Malmö City Giftcard

Malmö City Giftcard

Malmö City has its own giftcard. It is a mastercard that can be loaded with any amount from 100 sek – 5000 sek. The Malmö City Giftcard can be used at over 400 locations in Malmö City, see all of them here. It is one of the most versatile cards on the market since it can be used for shopping, eating, staying at a hotel etc. Using the giftcard is simple. Swipe the cards magnetic stripe and sign the receipt. You do not need a pin-code because this card does not have a chip.

It is important that you know what amount is on your card and let the cashier know what amount you want to pay with the gift card. For example if you want to buy a sweater for 600 sek and your giftcard has 450 sek on it you should tell the cashier that you want to pay 450 sek with the giftcard and the rest with another card or in cash. The cashier can’t see what amount your card is loaded with, but you can always check the amount here or call the nuber on the back of the card to find out. (Customer service +46 8 22 50 30)

You can purchase The Malmö City Giftard on the net, or at all Pressbyrån shops in Malmö.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at +46 40 30 70 15 or email [email protected]

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