Placemakers want to encourage new ways of being in the city. Their new seating installation is now placed on Södra Förstadsgatan.

Placemakers uplifts the pedestrian street with a new seating installation

17 December 2019

Gunilla Kronvall and Susanna Dzamic from Placemakers have helped us at Malmö City to create a new and exciting urban furniture in painted and varnished wood, consisting of four unique and different shaped parts. The installation is lit from the inside with pink and purple tones as well as by a light strip running along the ground around the installations. This gives the installation different impressions depending on whether you visit it during the day or when it is dark outside. This is a genuine, new and inspiring element in the urban environment in the middle of the pedestrian street “ Södra Förstadsgatan ” next to the sculpture “Sun’s Finger.”

Light: Johan Moritz, Malmö Stad
Carpenter: Martin Liljegren

Gunilla Kronvall is an architect who works at her office “Atelier 01 architecture” as a process supporter in the early stages of real estate and urban development. Gunilla is also involved in teaching at universities in Sweden and internationally. She has recently built a platform for architecture in Malmö; Sweden’s Architects at Form/Design Center where she organizes annual Architecture Days. Creating different meeting places and interesting small-scale rooms in the city has always been an interest for Gunilla. Together with Placemakers, Gunilla participates in these creative projects in the city.

Susanna Dzamic lives in Malmö and is known among many who listen to the program “Friday at P4” on the Swedish Radio. She has also written appreciated chronicles in “Kvällsposten / Expressen” and she is a frequently hired moderator. Through her production company, she has the opportunity to run and develop her own projects. Human relations and communication are always the main focus and interest for Susanna. Therefore, Susanna hopes that Placemaker’s installations will encourage people to stop and stay for a while, that they contribute to an unexpectedly positive experience.

Placemakers is a network in culture and architecture, with the ambition to create installations that encourage social life and a positive development of the city’s rooms and outdoor environments. We believe in encouraging new ways of being in the city, regardless of age  such as creating installations where you can sit, lay down, climb, stand, be alone or in a group. We want to encourage a playful experience. The more people who thrive in our urban environments, the safer and more attractive they become.