A definite destination for those who love food!

Malmö Saluhall

20 December 2019

Malmö Saluhall is a definite destination for those who love good ingredients and delicious food. It’s a place for all ages, the mixed, the varied, the fun, and the creative. Basically, it’s a market place for everyone!

Here you will find, for example, sausages prepared by hand in a barrel without electricity in Österlen. Woodpeckers that can only be caught when the water is high around Ven. Knives that can split marrow bones, coffee beans that are sorted by hand, falafel deep fried in olive oil, chilled tea, street food from Korea, garlic from Vellinge and goat yoghurt. The list goes on! Find out more at

Malmö Saluhall is in collaboration with the Malmö City Gift Card. Therefore, all businesses here accepts payments with the card. You can easily order it on their webshop here. Malmö Saluhall offers a special designed cover to put your card in. Warm welcome to a heavenly kingdom for food lovers!