Malmö City

About us

Malmö Citysamverkan is a non-profit company whose purpose is developing the city centre. The company is co-owned by three parts, the municipality (Malmö stad), the commercial property owners and the retail association. If you own a retail establishment, restaurant, café or the like in Malmö City you are welcome to sign up as a member.

The board

The municipality, Malmö stad:
Andréas Schönström, ordförande Tekniska Nämnden Malmö stad
Anna Bertilson, fastighet- och gatukontoret Malmö stad
Ingemar Gråhamn, stadsbyggnadskontoret Malmö stad
Håkan Fäldt, vice ordförande Tekniska Nämnden Malmö stad
Tobias Nilsson, fastighet- och gatukontoret Malmö stad
Pehr Andersson, näringslivsdirektör Malmö stad

The retail association:
Annika Christén, regionchef SF Bio
Emma Vik, butikschef Lush
Ann Almqvist, varuhuschef Åhléns City
Per Johnsson, hotelldirektör Scandic / representant Hotellgruppen
Sofie Kirkegaard, butikschef Svenssons i Lammhult
Gunilla Kling, franchisetagare Pressbyrån

The commercial property owners:
Anders Kjellin, regionchef Vasakronan
Olof Andersson, VD Trianon
Lennart Jönsson, fastighetschef Wihlborgs Fastigheter
Thomas Marot, förvaltningschef Jernhusen
Magnus Prochéus, Stena fastigheter
Bengt Nevsten, Bengt Nevsten Fastigheter


City centre of the year

Malmö City has won the award for “City centre of the year” in Sweden two times; in 2000 and 2005.  In 2010 we were first runner up.

Best Partnership of the Year

In 2010 Malmö Citysamverkan was awarded ”Partnership of the Year” at the world congress in London.

“Malmö Citysamverkan is a fantastic best practice example in city centre development. It has great strength of involvement from both the private and public sectors and boasts a wide remit of achievements. The effect of the work proves this is a truly worthwhile investment for all partners and has resulted in a city centre of world class standard.”