If you are visiting Malmö for the first time, take this day trip...

A day in Malmö

Aurélie Toro is a french blogger & digital marketer living and working in Malmö.

I moved from Paris to beautiful Malmö in 2015. Not knowing much about this city that I was about to discover and call home. After living in Malmö for four years I have fallen in love with this city. I love its size, not too big nor too small – or “lagom” as Swedish people would say. I love its open-minded culture, the cosy cafés, yummy restaurants, vintage shops, landscapes and colourful facades. Yes, I really love Malmö.

Since I now know this city quite well, I was excited when Malmö City asked me to share my favourite places with their readers. This is my one day itinerary for anyone visiting Malmö for the first time. I hope these tips will make you explore and fall in love with Malmö the way that I have. Lets go!

Kick off your day at Malmö Central train station

If you arrive at the train station you are already close to town. Just a few hundred meters away there is a local food hall, Malmö Saluhall, a lovely covered market with quality products and delicious food. I recommend you grab a coffee and a Swedish pastry at St Jakobs Stenugnsbageri. If you like cinnamon ask for a “Kanelbulle”. You’ll thank me later!

On the way there take some time to enjoy the sights around the university area, and harbour where you can find the cutest little lighthouse ever !

Walk back towards the city center

If there are two lovely central squares you should visit in Malmö, it’s definitely the cute “Lilla Torg” (small square) and “Stortorget” (big square). Once on Stortorget, don’t forget to look up, there are old vintage ads on the facades that I personally find absolutely amazing!

Walk towards Gustav Adolfs Torg, another big square in Malmö, located in the middle of the shopping area. You will find some of my favourite stores on the main street that runs through town. If you want to take a look:

  • Granit for Scandinavian home decoration Granit
  • Afound for cheap clothes & accessories Afound,
  • Hansa Gallery with many cool shops where I particularly like the shop “& Other Stories” for their cool clothes & accessories Hansa
  • AB Småland and Grandpa Store which are my two favorite shops in Malmö. Both of them select very cool clothing and home products, with such a great taste. They inspire me very much AB Småland Grandpa Store

Thirsty / Hungry? Between Afound and Hansa, grab a drink or lunch at Vibliotek, along the channel.  I really like this place, and if it’s sunny, you can enjoy your drink outside. Or if you’re up for something else, you’ll see that you have different options in this area called Södertull: delicious burgers, mexican food, coffee places and so on. Buy an ice cream and sit on the steps of Södertull with everyone else, looking out over the water.

More shopping att Davidshall and Triangeln
From Gustav Adolfs Torg, you can continue walking towards Triangeln for some more shopping. Triangeln is a mall, so you’ll find all the classic shops there and more. My favourite shops for clothes there are H&M (it’s quite a big one where I always find what I want!) and Vero Moda. But I also really like going to Kökskompaniet where I always find cool stuff for my home and to Søstrene Grene, which must be one of my favourite shops ever, you can’t beat those prices!

If you’re more into slow fashion or smaller shops, I recommend checking out the area called Davidshall. There are cool Swedish & vintage clothing shops mixed in with cosy cafes and restaurants. My favorite store there is probably APLACE: they select such cool pieces when it comes to clothes, accessories, or home design! Love it!

Time for a nice evening with a drink + delicious dinner

After all the walking during the day, you’ll want to rest your feet and get ready for the night. In the evening, grab a drink at one of the bars at Lilla Torg. It’s even more lovely by night, you’ll see! If cocktails are your thing I can really recommend grabbing one at Kol & Cocktails, it’s a five minute walk from Lilla Torg.

For dinner get some nice wine & tapas at the restaurant La Roche or you can try Savoy Grill, the restaurant in the hotel Savoy, emblematic of Malmö.

Enjoy your first time in Malmö, let me know how you liked it!