Shopping hours

Malmö City offers hundreds of unique boutiques and department stores as well as 5 shopping centers in the city center, which offers a wide range of products from the expected to the one-of-a-kind. Shoppers of all ages will enjoy exploring the area’s exciting mix of trends and classics on and off the beaten path.

The following is a guide to general opening hours for stores, shopping centers and department stores in the center of Malmö. Please note that opening hours may vary between stores.
The general opening hours are:

Weekday 10 am – 6/7 pm

Saturday 10 am – 4/5 pm
Sunday 12 am – 4 pm

You can get a major discount on all your shopping if you download the app called ”Malmo City Kort” – you find it in AppStore and in Google Play. Works on all modern Android and iPhones. Download it and check all the 600 offers, and then activate the code by SMS for 100 Swedish Crowns (about 12 Euros). If you have any type of difficulties with activating your app – just send us an email an we will help you! info@malmocity.se .

To see and do in Malmö


The Malmö City Card is the discount card that’s been around for more than ten years. Approx. 250 companies offer 600 unique deals in Malmö, for example free parking, discounts on hotel accommodation, discounts in shops at Triangeln, Caroli, Hansa and many more in the city centre. There are also discounts on leisure activities, e.g. half price in theatres, restaurants, cultural attractions, cafés, etc. To see which companies and special offers are included in the card, click here. All profits from the Malmö City Card are invested in full in projects and activities for the heart of the city. The Malmö City Card is issued twice a year, each spring and autumn, and is valid for six months (Sep-Feb, Mar-Aug).

The major new feature this year is that the Malmö City Card is also available as an app for your smartphone.
This is how you get started with the Malmö City Card on your mobile: You download the app called ”Malmö City Kort” in your iPhone och Androidphone. Start it and see all the offers. To activate all the offers you need to buy an activation code from one of theese shops.

To gain access to the special offers, you either need to buy the physical card or an activation code for your smartphone. The code can be bought from any of our retailers for SEK 100 or by depositing SEK 100 including VAT in bank giro account number 5989-9286 and quoting your email address when making payment, after which we will send an activation code to you. Once you’ve activated the app, you can make use of all the special offers. Show the special offer to the merchant, who then clicks on “Use special offer”. Make sure you always present the special offer before you order or buy a product or service. You can also send us an email on info@malmocity.se and we will help you activate your card.